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2017-12-10 12:36sfeed_opml_import/sfeed_opml_export: allow " and \ in fieldsHiltjo Posthuma2+17-4
2017-12-09 11:46sfeed_opml_export: remove a level of indentationHiltjo Posthuma1+7-6
2017-12-09 11:42sfeed_tail: replace hashmap + linked-list with RBtreeHiltjo Posthuma3+1097-47
2017-12-09 11:40sfeed_mbox: move murmur to this file, cleanupHiltjo Posthuma3+71-74
2017-12-09 11:38sfeed_gph: remove unused gphtext()Hiltjo Posthuma1+0-22
2017-11-19 13:05add sfeed_gph: sfeed to geomyidae gopher gph formatHiltjo Posthuma1+185-0
2017-08-12 11:38README: being protocol-agnostic is a feature i guessHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2017-08-12 11:10add newline after </html>Hiltjo Posthuma2+5-5
2017-06-29 19:00sfeed_plain.1: document a proper LC_CTYPE UTF-8 is requiredHiltjo Posthuma1+13-2
2017-06-29 17:05bump LICENSEHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2017-06-29 17:04sfeed_plain: use setlocale() for glibcHiltjo Posthuma1+6-0
2017-06-29 17:03improve printutf8pad for sfeed_plainHiltjo Posthuma1+17-11
2017-04-27 12:32improve gettag()Hiltjo Posthuma1+21-18
2017-04-27 12:16update README: tested on HaikuOSHiltjo Posthuma1+9-2
2017-04-27 11:49simplify pledge stub: add to util.hHiltjo Posthuma1+2-0
2017-04-27 11:49simplify pledge stubHiltjo Posthuma9+0-18
2017-04-27 11:33sfeed_mbox: remove redundant conditionHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2017-04-27 11:14compatiblity with browsers: use numeric entity for aposHiltjo Posthuma2+2-2
2017-04-27 11:13man pages: fix a few warnings and improve a few wordsHiltjo Posthuma11+76-51
2016-10-04 16:26README: improve wording, thanks biniar!Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-3
2016-08-06 11:05sfeed_frames, sfeed_html: don't use HTML tablesHiltjo Posthuma3+9-40
2016-08-06 10:57add USE_PLEDGE, remove pledge dummy functionHiltjo Posthuma11+21-14
2016-08-06 10:56gettzoffset: simplify, default is 0 so remove UTC zones to checkHiltjo Posthuma1+0-4
2016-05-21 12:11Makefile: remove duplicate -c flagHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-05-21 12:09improve wording in documentationHiltjo Posthuma4+37-62
2016-05-21 12:06sfeed_update: unique sort feed on first creationHiltjo Posthuma1+1-2
2016-04-18 16:56update CHANGELOG (pre-1.0)Hiltjo Posthuma1+32-0
2016-04-18 16:54sfeed_frames.1: reword SECURITY CONSIDERATIONSHiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2016-04-18 16:51simplify sfeed(5) format, remove feedtype alsoHiltjo Posthuma5+2-12
2016-04-12 17:51sfeed_update: fix sorting on fields: id, link, titleHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2016-04-12 16:44sfeed_frames: make content filename more unique: use UNIX timestamp in titleHiltjo Posthuma1+9-7
2016-04-10 18:19absuri, encodeuri: make encodeuri static, change argument orderHiltjo Posthuma4+34-37
2016-04-10 18:08xml: stricter check of entity: must end with ';', ...Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-3
2016-04-10 18:01update READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+5-7
2016-04-10 17:51improve documentation, add sfeed(5) for the file formatHiltjo Posthuma3+57-6
2016-04-10 17:33util: standard pattern to check for valid number strtoulHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2016-04-10 13:37reword some sentences in the documentation/man pagesHiltjo Posthuma2+22-19
2016-04-10 12:45sfeed_frames: dont make title of content a link if its emptyHiltjo Posthuma1+11-4
2016-04-10 12:45minor style fixesHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2016-04-10 12:36remove basename, just use last part of the path...Hiltjo Posthuma6+10-32
2016-04-10 12:34add comment for strtotimeHiltjo Posthuma1+3-1
2016-04-10 11:55strtotime: improveHiltjo Posthuma2+4-4
2016-04-10 11:54small style fixHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2016-04-10 11:53improve MakefileHiltjo Posthuma1+25-25
2016-04-03 11:18fix warning: return early, fixes bogus end NULL dereference warningHiltjo Posthuma1+2-0
2016-04-03 11:17just initialize to zero, no need for memsetHiltjo Posthuma1+1-2
2016-03-29 08:24remove time fieldHiltjo Posthuma1+1-2
2016-03-29 08:21add time parsing to sfeed itself, remove time fieldHiltjo Posthuma5+290-170
2016-03-27 11:30time experimentHiltjo Posthuma3+40-50
2016-03-21 19:24check for tagid == TagUnknown, bit more clearHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-03-20 19:32sfeed_frames: also XML encode formatted time (just in case)Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-03-20 19:22README: remove versionHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2016-03-20 16:49Makefile: improve make dist, bump version to 0.9.1Hiltjo Posthuma2+16-8
2016-03-20 13:14update CHANGELOG and TODOHiltjo Posthuma2+37-6
2016-03-20 12:07code cleanup: put table of parsed tagid at top (near reverse table)Hiltjo Posthuma1+34-30
2016-03-20 12:05fix crash with repeated <link href=""> tags in Atom feedsHiltjo Posthuma1+6-4
2016-03-19 12:03don't use temporary pointer for realloc, it will exit on errorHiltjo Posthuma1+3-5
2016-03-10 18:01remove cast of unused variablesHiltjo Posthuma5+0-53
2016-03-10 17:52Makefile: define CPPFLAGS once, fix typoHiltjo Posthuma1+3-4
2016-03-08 17:56Makefile: also clean util and xml object filesHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-03-04 20:10remove optimization with no effect, makes the code cleanerHiltjo Posthuma1+8-11
2016-03-04 11:15sfeed_frames: use S_IR* names (portability), respect umaskHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2016-03-04 11:14sfeed_frames: use mkdir and check errno EEXISTHiltjo Posthuma1+2-3
2016-03-02 19:44sfeed: no need to call strlen, we know the length alreadyHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2016-02-29 13:11sfeed_frames: no need to read from index files, mode "w+b" to "wb"Hiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2016-02-29 13:10sfeed_frames: whoops, set file permissions (else its 0000)Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-02-28 17:52sfeed_frames: add fattr to pledge...Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-02-28 17:49sfeed_frames: fix open file permission (write only).Hiltjo Posthuma1+8-3
2016-02-28 16:35sfeed_frames: fix TOCTTUO with access() and fopen()Hiltjo Posthuma1+23-15
2016-02-28 16:35use prime as seed for murmur3 seed (doesnt matter much)Hiltjo Posthuma2+2-4
2016-02-28 16:34null-terminate line at newline from getline()Hiltjo Posthuma4+15-4
2016-02-28 16:32util: simplify encodehex, use inlineHiltjo Posthuma1+3-11
2016-02-28 14:12sfeed_tail: terminate line at newline, small cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+7-8
2016-02-28 14:11sfeed_tail: fix pledge when opening filesHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-02-27 16:24config.mk: disable pledge by default, only OpenBSD 5.9 (unreleased) supports itHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-02-27 16:19simplify build and fix linking for strlcat.o and strlcpy.oHiltjo Posthuma2+51-72
2016-02-27 15:49fix missing includes for uint32_t and time_tHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2016-02-27 15:37add util for pledgeHiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2016-02-27 15:27reference sfeedrc(5) in manpagesHiltjo Posthuma2+4-2
2016-02-27 15:24sfeed_tailHiltjo Posthuma3+7-2
2016-02-27 15:21various improvementsHiltjo Posthuma12+175-126
2016-02-27 15:16check <author><name> tag case-insensitively, just like the restHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-02-27 15:05consistency: check snprintf result == -1Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-02-27 15:04remove some unneeded checksHiltjo Posthuma2+2-3
2016-02-26 17:20mention ISC in README.xml, not MITHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-02-26 17:20clarify LICENSE (short title), mention ISC in README, not MITHiltjo Posthuma2+3-1
2016-02-01 22:57sfeed_tail: tune memory consumption down a bit, tested with a file with 10,000,000 lines (50MB)Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2016-01-31 21:30Add missing stdint headerQuentin Rameau1+1-0
2016-01-31 21:04Revert "sfeed: realloc, faster near pow 2 bufsiz"Hiltjo Posthuma1+11-16
2016-01-31 14:45sfeed_opml_import: fix compatHiltjo Posthuma1+2-3
2016-01-31 14:40sfeed: realloc, faster near pow 2 bufsizHiltjo Posthuma1+16-11
2016-01-31 14:39code-styleHiltjo Posthuma1+6-6
2016-01-31 14:38add sfeed_tail (test), might be removed again laterHiltjo Posthuma3+215-14
2016-01-31 14:31sfeed_update: fix issue with merging failed feedsHiltjo Posthuma1+11-8
2016-01-31 14:30sfeed_update: don't try to sort on feedname field, it was removedHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2016-01-31 14:29sfeed_frames.1: add a note about security considerationsHiltjo Posthuma2+8-2
2016-01-31 14:27always add strlcpy, strlcat, remove COMPAT #ifdefHiltjo Posthuma4+7-17
2016-01-31 14:25sfeedrc(5): add initial documentation for sfeedrc configuration formatHiltjo Posthuma2+113-2
2016-01-31 14:21README: small improvements and rewordingsHiltjo Posthuma1+47-45
2016-01-31 14:20LICENSE: relicense from MIT to ISC, bump year to 2016Hiltjo Posthuma1+13-21
2015-10-04 22:01sfeed_mbox: do host lookup and current time once at startup, not per feedHiltjo Posthuma1+15-14
2015-10-04 21:38sfeed: fix ctype functions againHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2015-10-04 21:36sfeed_mbox: small cleanup, move label so check for NUL isnt neededHiltjo Posthuma1+2-4
2015-10-04 21:29portability: dont use HOST_NAME_MAX, just use 256 as maximumHiltjo Posthuma5+2-7
2015-10-02 15:31sfeed: fix escape of backslash, simplifyHiltjo Posthuma1+11-11
2015-10-02 15:29sfeed_plain: remove some spaces for slightly more screen space :)Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-10-02 15:27dont used deprecated timegm, use mktime with TZ set to UTCHiltjo Posthuma1+5-2
2015-10-02 15:27update README, fix some typos and wordingHiltjo Posthuma2+8-8
2015-09-23 21:48update documentation, dont use semantic Ar for non-argumentsHiltjo Posthuma4+16-16
2015-09-23 21:46sfeed_update: dont send user-agent by default (curl+version) (privacy/security)Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-09-23 21:45update README, reformat slightlyHiltjo Posthuma1+10-7
2015-09-17 17:30Makefile: Add missingAlexander Huemer1+6-6
2015-09-08 22:25util.h: HOST_NAME_MAX+1 for nul-terminatorHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-09-08 22:24README: fix sfeed_archive exampleHiltjo Posthuma1+3-1
2015-09-08 22:23xml.h: fix typo in function declarationHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-08-23 19:29improve README and CHANGELOGHiltjo Posthuma2+10-9
2015-08-23 18:51sfeed: use separate enum field for content fieldsHiltjo Posthuma1+45-39
2015-08-23 18:49sfeed_mbox: clarify format time error (strftime)Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-08-23 15:42simplify unknown or less priority tag case, fix gettag bug (wrong sort order)Hiltjo Posthuma1+3-7
2015-08-23 15:30simplify field map code (add list tagid -> field.Hiltjo Posthuma2+136-155
2015-08-23 15:05README.xml: remove example, just check examples listedHiltjo Posthuma1+0-17
2015-08-22 18:13xml: fix includesHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-08-22 18:11xml: simplify XML readerHiltjo Posthuma8+27-104
2015-08-22 14:53improve READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+6-4
2015-08-22 14:52sfeed_update: simplify path (only $sfeedpath now)Hiltjo Posthuma3+8-15
2015-08-22 14:32sfeed: use <title>, it is required, never use media:titleHiltjo Posthuma1+2-6
2015-08-22 14:26sfeed_opml_import: does not need util but may need compat.h for strlcpy, strlcatHiltjo Posthuma3+3-2
2015-08-22 14:18util: absuri: simplify + fix port in url with prefix "//"Hiltjo Posthuma1+11-13
2015-08-22 14:03use HOST_NAME_MAX for hostnameHiltjo Posthuma5+5-1
2015-08-22 13:01sfeed_opml_import: improve importHiltjo Posthuma1+46-35
2015-08-22 13:00sfeed_xmlenc: code-styleHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2015-08-22 12:59config.mk: build compat strlcpy, strlcat by default (synced from OpenBSD)Hiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2015-08-22 12:59README.xml: update exampleHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-08-22 12:58util: absuri handle port separatelyHiltjo Posthuma1+10-3
2015-08-22 12:58util: support ipv6 address, parse port separatelyHiltjo Posthuma2+36-12
2015-08-21 15:21sfeed: xml_entitytostr returns ssize_tHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-08-18 21:07update README, add basic info at the topHiltjo Posthuma1+51-9
2015-08-18 20:36update READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+24-16
2015-08-16 18:09code-style + no need to zero static variablesHiltjo Posthuma6+18-20
2015-08-16 18:07xml: change xml_parse_string to xml_parse_bufHiltjo Posthuma2+13-11
2015-08-16 17:31code-style, wrap some lines, etcHiltjo Posthuma5+47-31
2015-08-14 15:27sfeed_opml_import: does not need util functionsHiltjo Posthuma2+2-3
2015-08-14 15:10Makefile: install README and README.xml, it contains useful examplesHiltjo Posthuma1+9-4
2015-08-14 15:03minor code-style improvementsHiltjo Posthuma3+7-8
2015-08-14 14:59sfeed_update: don't redirect, use only the feed url specified.Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-08-14 11:51xml: whoops, remove leftover xml_getnext_stdinHiltjo Posthuma1+0-6
2015-08-14 11:47xml: separate reader context from parserHiltjo Posthuma7+100-68
2015-08-10 20:02util: parseuri: nul-terminate, bug introduced by 7f11ef506465896705f15c39bd0416d96ca651a8Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-0
2015-08-10 18:23update READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2015-08-08 10:53sfeed_mbox: use feedname in message-idHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2015-08-07 22:51util: just zero strings by null-terminating first byteHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-08-07 22:45Revert "sfeed: set TZ=UTC at start, use mktime() not the deprecated timegm()."Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-6
2015-08-07 22:44sfeed: use snprintf -> strlcpy for some caseHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2015-08-07 22:06xml: move entity to namedentitystr()Hiltjo Posthuma1+16-19
2015-08-07 20:56sfeed: set TZ=UTC at start, use mktime() not the deprecated timegm().Hiltjo Posthuma1+6-1
2015-08-07 19:26update documentationHiltjo Posthuma2+16-12
2015-08-07 19:23util: strtotime: stricter time parsingHiltjo Posthuma5+20-16
2015-08-07 18:46sfeed_update: just use the feed name as the temporary filenameHiltjo Posthuma1+3-4
2015-08-07 18:46sfeed_mbox: use simple hash for Message-IdHiltjo Posthuma1+25-3
2015-08-07 18:43sfeed: only handle tags in HTML content, strip tags from type "text"Hiltjo Posthuma1+12-9
2015-08-06 19:10xml: remove forced __inline__ attributeHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2015-08-06 18:41sfeed: proper sort order for comparing tagHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-08-06 15:54general cleanupsHiltjo Posthuma5+88-97
2015-08-06 15:33sfeed: fix, skip milliseconds for: %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.000ZHiltjo Posthuma1+5-0
2015-08-05 21:42sfeed: minor cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+3-4
2015-08-05 21:27sfeed: gettag: simplifyHiltjo Posthuma1+14-22
2015-08-05 20:58sfeedrc.example: updateHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2015-08-05 20:19update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+1-23
2015-08-05 20:17sfeed_update: fix time modified on feed first runHiltjo Posthuma1+9-4
2015-08-05 19:09README: sort program names and write more clearlyHiltjo Posthuma1+8-8
2015-08-05 19:09config.mk: dont use VERSION except for make distHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2015-08-05 16:43Makefile: remove old broken rules, fix make distHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-08-05 16:41sfeed_xmlenc: simplify and kill some linesHiltjo Posthuma1+2-4
2015-08-05 16:41improve man-pages and documentationHiltjo Posthuma11+134-86
2015-08-05 14:05sfeed_web: separate by tab, url<tab>contenttype, simplifyHiltjo Posthuma1+18-20
2015-08-05 10:50sfeed_mbox: combine date check conditionHiltjo Posthuma1+3-5
2015-08-05 10:49sfeed_update, opml_export: slightly safer comparisonHiltjo Posthuma2+3-3
2015-08-05 10:49sfeed_opml_import: change to new config (feeds directory) + simplifyHiltjo Posthuma1+3-5
2015-08-05 10:47sfeed_plain: save a character before statusHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-08-05 10:47README: improveHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2015-08-05 10:45xml.h: sort callbacks and improve commentsHiltjo Posthuma1+14-13
2015-08-05 10:45sfeed: consistency, use XMLParser instead of struct xmlparserHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-08-04 22:58sfeed: cleanup code a bit, shorten element to el + cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+79-96
2015-08-02 18:17sfeed_plain: remove control char check, assume input is sanitized for format programsHiltjo Posthuma1+0-3
2015-08-02 17:47sfeed_frames: wrap plain-text, encode as XML/HTML 2.0Hiltjo Posthuma1+41-5
2015-08-02 17:47sfeed: add support for media:description and media:title (used by youtube et al)Hiltjo Posthuma1+24-15
2015-08-02 15:07sfeed: cleanup a bit and improve checking if in contentHiltjo Posthuma1+19-35
2015-08-02 13:07sfeed_frames: limit titles and feednames to 128 chars for filenamesHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-08-02 13:07sfeed_frames: normalizepath: dont start with replaced -, just ignoreHiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2015-08-02 12:07README: remove awk/gawk archive example, add C program (more portable aswell)Hiltjo Posthuma1+56-15
2015-08-02 11:46config.mk: make optimized the defaultHiltjo Posthuma1+6-6
2015-08-02 11:45util: simplify parseline() and check t for strtotime().Hiltjo Posthuma6+23-24
2015-08-02 11:08refactor print, decodefield into xmlencodeHiltjo Posthuma4+46-53
2015-08-02 11:04sfeed_mbox: improvementsHiltjo Posthuma1+45-3
2015-07-31 22:34code-style: remove level of indentation + mark TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+14-10
2015-07-31 22:33sfeed_mbox: xmlencode link for HTML mail, simplify a bitHiltjo Posthuma1+3-5
2015-07-31 22:33xml: only allow full uppercase or full lowercase for entitiesHiltjo Posthuma1+7-3
2015-07-31 20:50improve documentationHiltjo Posthuma5+9-7
2015-07-31 20:38xml: fix xml_namedentitytostr loopHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-07-31 20:29update some commentsHiltjo Posthuma2+9-10
2015-07-31 20:26xml: fix missing include strings.h, for strncasecmpHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2015-07-31 19:56sfeed_mbox: dont decodefield anymoreHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2015-07-31 19:54update and improve documentation (WIP)Hiltjo Posthuma9+132-109
2015-07-31 19:06Various improvementsHiltjo Posthuma8+214-176
2015-07-30 23:23add fdm.conf exampleHiltjo Posthuma1+31-0
2015-07-30 23:20sfeed_maildir: check if procmail config exists and is readableHiltjo Posthuma1+6-0
2015-07-30 23:14sfeed_mbox: improvementsHiltjo Posthuma1+27-27
2015-07-30 14:15sfeed_maildir: initial version, needs more workHiltjo Posthuma2+38-0
2015-07-30 14:14sfeed_mbox: initial version, needs more workHiltjo Posthuma3+133-0
2015-07-30 14:09check for time() failureHiltjo Posthuma3+9-4
2015-07-29 16:24improve documentation: some fixesHiltjo Posthuma3+3-5
2015-07-29 15:45sfeed: whoops, remove "debug" statementHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2015-07-29 15:42update documentation regarding timezone parsingHiltjo Posthuma2+15-9
2015-07-29 15:41sfeed: improve time parsingHiltjo Posthuma1+52-34
2015-07-29 15:40sfeed_frames: style: sys includes at topHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2015-07-29 10:58improve includes (dont include headers in .h), fix build on LinuxHiltjo Posthuma6+7-5
2015-07-29 10:04sfeed: prefer published over updatedHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-07-28 20:36sfeed_frames, sfeed_html: add space before amount of new itemsHiltjo Posthuma2+2-2
2015-07-28 20:36remove gitignore fileHiltjo Posthuma1+0-11
2015-07-28 19:56improve code-style and consistencyHiltjo Posthuma9+306-305
2015-07-28 19:49util, absuri: check truncation of more casesHiltjo Posthuma1+6-2
2015-07-28 19:35update documentation...Hiltjo Posthuma3+8-9
2015-07-28 19:33update strlcpy, add strlcatHiltjo Posthuma4+81-23
2015-07-28 19:28sfeed_plain: xbasename, free memory after useHiltjo Posthuma1+6-4
2015-07-28 19:25use new uri parserHiltjo Posthuma2+9-6
2015-07-28 19:24util: rewrite uri parserHiltjo Posthuma2+156-72
2015-06-22 22:06xml: fix comment issue, improve cdata and comment while encountering separatorHiltjo Posthuma1+26-17
2015-06-22 21:56xml: fix cdata issueHiltjo Posthuma1+13-38
2015-06-20 22:37sfeed_html, sfeed_frames: escape nameHiltjo Posthuma2+4-2
2015-06-20 22:25improvementsHiltjo Posthuma3+19-12
2015-06-20 22:24improvementsHiltjo Posthuma8+288-288
2015-06-20 22:21util: improve printxmlencoded, cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+11-38
2015-06-20 22:20util: fix parseline crashHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2015-06-20 22:20string_print: dont print control charsHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2015-06-20 22:20improve printlink, escape charactersHiltjo Posthuma2+23-7
2015-06-20 22:19add xbasename for filename to feednameHiltjo Posthuma1+22-0
2015-06-20 22:18separate xml specific code into xml.cHiltjo Posthuma3+169-134
2015-06-20 22:17xml.c: fix empty cdata callbackHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-06-20 22:15change feeds file format, its now more consistentHiltjo Posthuma2+34-39
2015-06-20 22:14Makefile: remove legacy man pages, remove queue.h, remove sfeed_statsHiltjo Posthuma1+0-24
2015-06-20 22:12remove legacy man pages, remove queue.h, remove sfeed_statsHiltjo Posthuma13+0-1117
2015-05-25 19:27util.h: add LEN() macroHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2015-05-25 19:27sfeed_update: dont sort on feedurlHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-05-25 19:26improve timezone parsing and conversion (WIP)Hiltjo Posthuma1+35-8
2015-05-25 19:25improve entitytostrHiltjo Posthuma1+37-35
2015-05-25 19:24string_buffer_realloc: doesnt returnHiltjo Posthuma1+6-9
2015-05-24 20:52sssh! sfeed_mail is a work-in-progress :)Hiltjo Posthuma1+0-30
2015-05-24 20:50doc: fix warnings (mandoc -Tlint)Hiltjo Posthuma19+72-42
2015-05-24 20:46sfeed_frames and util cleanupHiltjo Posthuma3+61-97
2015-05-16 14:09xml: only call data handler if setHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2015-05-16 13:58xml: call parseHiltjo Posthuma1+2-0
2015-05-16 13:56sfeed_frames: show mkdir error string, shorter function name normalizepath()Hiltjo Posthuma1+6-4
2015-05-16 13:56util: parseline can return error, unsigned int -> intHiltjo Posthuma2+18-14
2015-05-16 13:54xml: attrentity handler will be called if setHiltjo Posthuma1+6-4
2015-05-16 13:54xml: adjust for API change: read from fdHiltjo Posthuma4+16-16
2015-05-16 13:53xml: allow to read from fd or string bufferHiltjo Posthuma2+60-24
2015-05-16 13:13sfeed: code-styleHiltjo Posthuma1+43-38
2015-05-16 13:12Makefile; recompile on header changeHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-05-16 13:12update READMEHiltjo Posthuma2+6-7
2015-01-28 14:41sfeed_update: pass file for curl time condition (last modified)Hiltjo Posthuma1+4-9
2015-01-05 20:37Makefile: clean previous make dist release if it existsHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2015-01-05 19:35README.xml: reword some things, reference files (to always have working examples)Hiltjo Posthuma1+26-97
2015-01-05 19:09improve READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+15-12
2015-01-05 18:56remove some TODOs, styleHiltjo Posthuma3+12-14
2015-01-05 18:42sfeed_frames: rename makepathname -> normalizepathname and add a commentHiltjo Posthuma1+5-3
2015-01-05 18:42improve READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+25-20
2015-01-05 18:13update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-01-05 14:31doc: update sfeed_stats generated man pageHiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2015-01-05 14:19sfeed: prefer updated timestamp over published for AtomHiltjo Posthuma1+6-2
2015-01-05 13:59sfeed: fix start tags (HTML) in Atom content + style fixHiltjo Posthuma1+9-12
2015-01-05 13:43sfeed: simplify + style fixesHiltjo Posthuma1+20-23
2015-01-05 13:42sfeed: fix for "2015-01-05T09:44:46.555Z"Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2015-01-05 13:10sfeed_frames: improve error message informationHiltjo Posthuma1+20-7
2015-01-05 12:39sfeed_frames: check truncation for pathHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2015-01-05 11:52sfeed: add note of truncation of tags (not an issue)Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-01-05 11:52sfeed_frames: cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+3-9
2015-01-05 11:16sfeed_stats.1: reword some things for clarity (hopefully)Hiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2015-01-05 11:16sfeed_frames: improve makepathname, cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+16-14
2015-01-05 11:15config.mk: remove $INCSHiltjo Posthuma1+0-4
2015-01-05 11:15add and use BSD queue.h, cleanupHiltjo Posthuma6+736-84
2015-01-04 23:09sfeed_update: wrap long lineHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2015-01-04 22:45sfeed_update: styleHiltjo Posthuma1+6-3
2015-01-04 20:04cleanup a bitHiltjo Posthuma2+51-46
2015-01-04 17:55sfeed_frames: always error if fopen failedHiltjo Posthuma1+4-2
2015-01-04 17:54snprintf() truncation checksHiltjo Posthuma2+29-17
2015-01-04 16:48sfeed: improve time parsing some more (sscanf in particular)Hiltjo Posthuma1+21-8
2015-01-04 15:43doc: update pre-generated man pagesHiltjo Posthuma3+40-35
2015-01-04 15:39doc: improveHiltjo Posthuma21+57-970
2015-01-03 21:17sfeed: even more time improvementsHiltjo Posthuma1+7-18
2015-01-03 20:45clear some fields if they are set previously (some feeds define multiple date field)Hiltjo Posthuma1+8-1
2015-01-03 20:44improve date parsing and displayHiltjo Posthuma2+19-14
2015-01-03 16:26update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+0-3
2015-01-03 16:23man: add sfeed_stats.1Hiltjo Posthuma5+109-1
2015-01-03 16:19sfeed: remove level of indent in parsetimeHiltjo Posthuma1+15-14
2015-01-03 16:19sfeed: clean up gettimetzHiltjo Posthuma1+17-21
2015-01-03 13:00doc: clarify timezone formatHiltjo Posthuma17+189-215
2015-01-03 12:57sfeed: fix set offset on successHiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2015-01-03 11:51more time fixesHiltjo Posthuma1+17-11
2015-01-03 11:44code styleHiltjo Posthuma1+13-13
2015-01-03 11:44time fixesHiltjo Posthuma7+56-41
2015-01-03 11:55gitignore: sort filesHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-01-02 20:50Makefile: fix for OpenBSDHiltjo Posthuma1+11-11
2015-01-02 20:32sfeed_plain.1: newline at EOFHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2015-01-02 20:29doc: update pre-generated filesHiltjo Posthuma2+14-2
2015-01-02 20:28update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+9-11
2015-01-02 20:26sfeed: add -v flag to display program versionHiltjo Posthuma2+12-3
2015-01-02 20:14trim stringHiltjo Posthuma5+37-10
2015-01-02 20:13Makefile: fix prerequisite rulesHiltjo Posthuma1+8-8
2015-01-02 20:11Makefile: fix prerequisite rulesHiltjo Posthuma2+10-8
2015-01-02 19:29sfeed: fix incorrect strlcpy, style and strict check for bufHiltjo Posthuma1+7-4
2015-01-02 19:22remove mkfile, update READMEHiltjo Posthuma5+11-39
2015-01-02 18:55Makefile: add sfeed_statsHiltjo Posthuma1+10-5
2015-01-02 18:44sfeed: changes, needs some testingHiltjo Posthuma1+68-54
2015-01-02 18:30Makefile: separate compat srcHiltjo Posthuma2+5-4
2015-01-02 15:49improve compatHiltjo Posthuma3+37-41
2015-01-02 15:42sfeed_html: not necesarily englishHiltjo Posthuma3+49-49
2015-01-02 15:17Makefile: dont suppress output, remove fancy messagesHiltjo Posthuma1+10-16
2015-01-02 15:13Makefile: fix uninstallHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2015-01-02 14:59Makefile: copy doc dir for distHiltjo Posthuma1+4-1
2015-01-02 14:57sfeed_frames: get rid of atexit()Hiltjo Posthuma1+30-16
2015-01-02 14:40sfeed: styleHiltjo Posthuma1+6-6
2015-01-02 14:37sfeed: cleanup, use err()Hiltjo Posthuma1+15-50
2015-01-02 14:32cleanupHiltjo Posthuma8+41-106
2015-01-02 14:30README.xml: code-styleHiltjo Posthuma1+9-5
2015-01-02 14:13doc: use mandoc as source, pre-generate documentationHiltjo Posthuma21+1232-5
2015-01-02 14:12CHANGELOG: improve, make it clear the changes are from 0.8 to 0.9Hiltjo Posthuma1+13-5
2015-01-02 13:36config.mk: move version to Makefile, add compat flagsHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2015-01-02 13:36Makefile: sort files, clean libcompat (WIP)Hiltjo Posthuma1+13-10
2015-01-02 13:35compat: separate compat stuff, strlcpy atmHiltjo Posthuma2+4-33
2015-01-02 13:35compat: separate compat stuff, strlcpy atmHiltjo Posthuma2+50-0
2015-01-02 13:26LICENSE: bump yearHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-01-02 13:26Makefile: improveHiltjo Posthuma1+97-75
2015-01-02 13:13doc: explain mandoc, unindent CHANGELOGHiltjo Posthuma2+22-18
2015-01-02 13:10convert man pages to mandocHiltjo Posthuma7+235-189
2014-12-13 12:02TODO: use OpenBSD sys/queue.h(?)Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-0
2014-12-13 12:02xml.h: code-style, function declarationsHiltjo Posthuma1+25-30
2014-12-12 13:57config.mk: specify _XOPEN_SOURCE=700, fixes warnings on OpenBSDHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2014-11-16 23:04code-style, ugly test-code (remove later)Hiltjo Posthuma2+30-9
2014-11-11 19:14sfeed_web: just assume rss/atom for application/xml tooHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2014-11-11 18:56code style, use actual column width of charHiltjo Posthuma10+94-57
2014-11-11 18:40sfeed.c: code-styleHiltjo Posthuma1+90-44
2014-11-11 18:17comment styleHiltjo Posthuma1+4-2
2014-11-11 18:16sfeed_update: remove redundant -t flag for mktempHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2014-11-11 18:12fix typo in man pageHiltjo Posthuma2+2-2
2014-11-11 18:11move printutf8padded to utilHiltjo Posthuma3+16-15
2014-11-11 18:11remove fileexists functionHiltjo Posthuma1+3-6
2014-11-11 18:11set FILE* pointers to NULLHiltjo Posthuma1+12-4
2014-06-28 13:53sfeed: fix check for div in atom contentHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2014-06-28 13:38handle invalid values of strto*lHiltjo Posthuma5+17-2
2014-06-28 13:27xml: fix attribute without data:Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-2
2014-06-28 11:38handle invalid value for strtoul, refactor a bitHiltjo Posthuma2+28-28
2014-06-28 11:37compile with -Wextra, ignore unused parametersHiltjo Posthuma5+63-7
2014-06-27 16:59improve wordingHiltjo Posthuma1+6-4
2014-06-27 13:42small fixesHiltjo Posthuma5+21-10
2014-06-27 13:40improve READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+5-4
2014-06-27 13:40add initial README for xml parserHiltjo Posthuma1+130-0
2014-05-13 15:44sfeed: fix invalid length parameterHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2014-05-13 12:52sfeed_xmlenc: linewrapHiltjo Posthuma1+7-3
2014-05-13 10:21config.mk: add commented options for tccHiltjo Posthuma1+5-0
2014-05-13 10:07cleanup, tested with tccHiltjo Posthuma10+39-83
2014-05-13 10:06util: use standard getline() function to get linesHiltjo Posthuma1+1-37
2014-05-08 14:59style: linewrap, etcHiltjo Posthuma3+33-16
2014-05-08 14:20sfeed: remove level of indentationHiltjo Posthuma2+60-58
2014-05-08 14:12sfeed: make code a bit more clearHiltjo Posthuma2+12-9
2014-05-08 14:02sfeed: cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+58-56
2014-05-08 13:35manpage: example non-local pathHiltjo Posthuma2+2-2
2014-05-08 13:33update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+3-15
2014-05-08 13:30install added manpagesHiltjo Posthuma1+7-2
2014-05-08 13:30sfeed_xmlenc: add man pageHiltjo Posthuma2+18-1
2014-05-08 13:21sfeed_web: add manpageHiltjo Posthuma1+24-0
2014-05-08 13:09README: updateHiltjo Posthuma1+2-3
2014-05-08 13:09sfeed_xmlenc: add newline if value is setHiltjo Posthuma1+5-2
2014-05-08 12:22man pages improvements, add dpb to creditsHiltjo Posthuma5+9-8
2014-05-08 12:16man pages: improve wordingHiltjo Posthuma3+14-14
2014-05-08 12:03sfeed: style, comments aboveHiltjo Posthuma1+5-3
2014-05-08 12:03man pages: just hardcode versionHiltjo Posthuma7+7-7
2014-05-08 12:00Makefile: improvementsHiltjo Posthuma1+10-27
2014-05-08 11:51mkfile: improve some moreHiltjo Posthuma1+8-11
2014-05-08 11:13Simplify the mkfileDaniel Bainton1+7-22
2014-05-08 11:04sfeed_frames.1: trailing whitespaceHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2014-05-08 11:00makefile: remove solaris rule, i wont test thisHiltjo Posthuma1+0-4
2014-05-08 10:21style: set pointer to NULL after freeHiltjo Posthuma2+2-0
2014-05-08 10:20sfeed: fix numeric entity output (utf8)Hiltjo Posthuma1+40-32
2014-04-25 16:47sfeed: fix numeric entity parsingHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2014-04-19 19:08sfeed_frames: allow without feednameHiltjo Posthuma1+15-15
2014-04-19 19:08cleanupHiltjo Posthuma2+19-18
2014-04-09 14:10sfeed: silly bugHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2014-04-09 10:17sfeed: dont use LEN(), just check if formats[i] is nullHiltjo Posthuma1+1-2
2014-04-09 10:17update docs some moreHiltjo Posthuma2+10-3
2014-04-08 22:37sfeed_stats: cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+24-25
2014-04-08 22:36config.mk: dont use -WextraHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2014-04-08 22:33update docsHiltjo Posthuma3+15-4
2014-04-08 22:33sfeed_web: show type of feedHiltjo Posthuma1+6-1
2014-04-08 22:09make some code more clear, linewrapHiltjo Posthuma3+57-55
2014-04-08 22:00cleanup, remove javascript hotkeyHiltjo Posthuma7+48-50
2014-04-08 21:23update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+5-4
2014-04-08 13:27sfeed: ignore \rHiltjo Posthuma1+9-6
2014-04-08 13:24sfeed: fix entity conversionHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2014-04-08 13:09sfeed: simplify, comment old codeHiltjo Posthuma1+13-3
2014-04-08 12:51sfeed_frames: fix escaped stringHiltjo Posthuma1+2-5
2014-04-08 12:51cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+5-15
2014-04-08 12:35sfeed_update: small time format, timeout from 30 to 15 secondsHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2014-04-08 12:28suppress pedantic warningHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2014-04-08 12:21check mktimeHiltjo Posthuma1+6-5
2014-04-08 12:19sfeed: use standard time functions, simplify, use contextHiltjo Posthuma3+194-246
2014-04-04 13:44README: update, i plan to support plan9 mk :)Hiltjo Posthuma1+11-3
2014-04-04 13:41sfeed: remove unused variableHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2014-04-04 13:41config.mk: remove old ruleHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2014-04-04 13:41sfeed_frames: more cleanupsHiltjo Posthuma1+17-44
2014-04-04 13:40gitignore: updateHiltjo Posthuma1+4-1
2014-04-04 13:40mkfile: add mk build (wip)Hiltjo Posthuma1+41-0
2014-04-04 13:24sfeed_frames: fix small bug in printcontent() and cleanupHiltjo Posthuma1+5-0
2014-04-02 20:57config.mk: make compatible with mkbuildHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2014-04-02 20:57update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+3-8
2014-04-02 20:46sfeed_frames: just use snprintf and strlcpy, mmmkayHiltjo Posthuma1+16-15
2014-04-02 20:35sfeed_frames: add utf8 meta encoding tagHiltjo Posthuma1+15-13
2014-04-02 20:27xml: fix cdata parsing, disable markup declaration parsing for nowHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2014-04-02 16:12update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+5-0
2014-04-02 16:12config.mk: dont hardcode compilerHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2014-04-02 16:01sfeed_opml_import: fix buildHiltjo Posthuma2+3-2
2014-04-02 15:40README: updateHiltjo Posthuma1+16-9
2014-04-02 14:07sfeed_opml_import: use strlcpyHiltjo Posthuma1+7-5
2014-04-02 14:04sfeed_stats: cleanup, use strlcpyHiltjo Posthuma1+4-11
2014-04-02 14:01sfeed_stats: improveHiltjo Posthuma1+17-9
2014-04-02 14:00sfeed: improve parsetime(), cleanupHiltjo Posthuma3+9-49
2014-04-02 13:06CHANGELOG: removing wording about c99, not sure right nowHiltjo Posthuma1+0-2
2014-04-02 13:05sfeed: enable cleanup againHiltjo Posthuma1+8-7
2014-04-02 13:05update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+8-4
2014-04-02 13:05sfeed_frames: fix some bugs, still cleanup todoHiltjo Posthuma1+22-32
2014-04-02 13:03Makefile: add sfeed_web, use c99 for buildHiltjo Posthuma3+13-11
2014-03-31 23:05update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+7-0
2014-03-31 22:38gitignore: ignore more filesHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2014-03-31 22:38cleanup some more, wrap some linesHiltjo Posthuma1+23-13
2014-03-31 22:28remove unused code, disable cleanup routineHiltjo Posthuma1+3-81
2014-03-31 22:25whitespace fixesHiltjo Posthuma3+14-14
2014-03-31 22:20Makefile: update clean ruleHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2014-03-31 22:19fix crlf newlines, add fp arg to xmlparser_initHiltjo Posthuma6+119-122
2014-03-31 21:19update LICENSE, this code will be rewritten soonHiltjo Posthuma2+2-28
2014-03-31 21:17small cleanupHiltjo Posthuma2+7-7
2014-03-31 20:55update docHiltjo Posthuma3+6-7
2014-03-31 20:46new versionHiltjo Posthuma25+1203-770
2013-06-14 13:24sfeed.c: remove some old debug code and entity translation codeHiltjo Posthuma1+3-21
2013-06-14 13:21sfeed_opml_import: format code, wordwrapHiltjo Posthuma1+17-14
2013-06-14 13:20style.css: simplify style a bitHiltjo Posthuma1+11-13
2013-05-20 18:06add basesiteurl, simplify sfeed_update a bitHiltjo Posthuma2+4-4
2013-05-20 17:57sfeed_opml_import: dont use dynamic allocation, assumes sane lengths and just use a static bufferHiltjo Posthuma1+14-22
2013-05-20 17:49style.css: show link titles in content with its default colourHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2013-05-20 17:44sfeed_frames: bugfix, dont close unopened file handleHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2013-05-20 17:36update TODO, features implementedHiltjo Posthuma1+0-4
2013-05-20 17:35sfeed_opml_import: use own XML parserHiltjo Posthuma1+47-55
2013-05-20 17:34sfeed_html: lots changed and cleanup, see CHANGELOGHiltjo Posthuma1+43-137
2013-05-20 17:34sfeed.c: lots of changes, see CHANGELOG, will separate commits better in the future after next version releaseHiltjo Posthuma1+546-276
2013-05-20 17:32update sfeed_plain: whoops, argv is unusedHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2013-05-20 17:32update sfeed_plain: pad time format, make code more readableHiltjo Posthuma1+12-10
2013-05-20 17:30add compat files to make compile with older compilers, mostly for mingw and dos, uglyHiltjo Posthuma2+58-0
2013-05-20 17:28add common headerHiltjo Posthuma1+18-0
2013-05-20 17:26update common functionsHiltjo Posthuma1+36-33
2013-05-20 17:25update xml parser, many optimizations and dos to unix newlines, much cleanup todo thoughHiltjo Posthuma2+366-376
2013-05-20 17:22update sfeed_frames and documentationHiltjo Posthuma2+110-116
2013-05-20 17:21maintain a CHANGELOG from now onHiltjo Posthuma2+29-1
2013-05-20 17:18update READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+7-2
2013-05-20 17:17add style.css to share and update flags for debuggingHiltjo Posthuma2+33-21
2013-05-20 17:13add external stylesheet for easier modificationHiltjo Posthuma1+73-0
2013-05-20 17:12update LICENSE, it contains some modified code from the musl libc projectHiltjo Posthuma1+25-1
2013-01-20 18:14add xstrdup for some compilers, prevent warning for ctype functionsHiltjo Posthuma1+10-1
2013-01-20 18:13use ansi c, not posix anymoreHiltjo Posthuma1+6-7
2013-01-20 18:11add sfeed_frames, convert to html with frames and content as a html file for each itemHiltjo Posthuma1+309-0
2013-01-20 18:10add custom xml parser (WIP)Hiltjo Posthuma2+376-0
2012-11-11 15:20show formatted time, dont show interpreted time since its not always correctunknown3+3-3
2012-08-17 19:15forgot to add content:encoded check in data handlerHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2012-08-06 12:25Whoops forgot to update READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2012-08-06 12:24Prioritize content:encoded over descriptionHiltjo Posthuma1+4-2
2012-08-06 12:24Update TODO (with comments from suckless ML)Hiltjo Posthuma1+4-0
2012-08-06 12:23Change 'description' to 'content' in documentationHiltjo Posthuma2+2-2
2012-08-03 19:15sfeed_opml_import: use new exec name for errorsHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2012-08-03 19:13sfeed_opml_export: output items on a single lineHiltjo Posthuma1+1-5
2012-08-03 13:37cleanup: remove trailing whitespaceHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2012-08-03 13:33sfeed_opml_export: wait for all items to be output...Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-0
2012-08-03 13:17Forgot to add sfeed_opml_export to 'dist' ruleHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2012-08-03 13:06Update TODOHiltjo Posthuma1+0-4
2012-08-03 13:01Update README and Makefile accordingly...Hiltjo Posthuma3+56-24
2012-08-03 13:00Add sfeed_opml_export scriptHiltjo Posthuma2+68-0
2012-08-03 12:59Rename sfeed_opml_config to sfeed_opml_importHiltjo Posthuma4+100-98
2012-08-03 12:57Add base url of a site parameter for sfeedrcHiltjo Posthuma6+21-12
2012-08-03 10:03New initial repoHiltjo Posthuma19+1548-0