NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
bmfbmf (Bayesian Mail Filter) 0.9.4 fork + patches 2020-02-04 22:03
dmenumy customized version of dmenu (hiltjo branch) Hiltjo Posthuma2022-05-01 16:38
dwmmy customized version of dwm (hiltjo branch) Hiltjo Posthuma2022-08-26 12:48
extractjsonextract embedded JSON metadata from HTML pages Hiltjo Posthuma2022-08-14 10:09
firefox-fix-webFirefox extension: fix web Hiltjo Posthuma2021-10-08 07:01
frontendsfront-ends for some sites (experiment) Hiltjo Posthuma2023-08-30 19:26
geomyidaea small C-based gopherd (mirror) Christoph Lohmann2023-08-26 14:42
gopher-validatorGopher validator and happy helper Hiltjo Posthuma2022-02-19 13:26
gopherproxy-cGopher HTTP proxy in C (CGI) Hiltjo Posthuma2023-08-30 19:25
grabtitlestupid HTML title grabber Hiltjo Posthuma2021-04-22 18:20
hurlGopher/HTTP/HTTPS file grabber Hiltjo Posthuma2023-02-05 19:01
iiFIFO and filesystem based IRC client Hiltjo Posthuma2022-09-04 09:26
ircIRC client based on client Hiltjo Posthuma2020-07-25 11:00
jfconvertJSON Feed (subset) to sfeed or Atom converter Hiltjo Posthuma2023-05-16 18:35
jscancerJavascript crap (relatively small) Hiltjo Posthuma2023-06-13 20:41
json-testsuiteJSON test-suite Hiltjo Posthuma2020-02-03 23:22
json2tsvJSON to TSV converter Hiltjo Posthuma2023-05-25 20:42
lelFarbfeld image viewer Hiltjo Posthuma2020-01-28 21:33
libsldraw back-ends for dwm, dmenu, etc Hiltjo Posthuma2022-05-10 17:13
noicesmall file browser (mirror / fork from 2019-08-28 12:30
osm-zipcodesExtract (dutch) addresses from OpenStreetMap OSM XML Hiltjo Posthuma2022-07-12 21:10
pubsubhubbubblubpubsubhubbub client implementation Hiltjo Posthuma2022-05-29 14:17
randomcraprandom crap programs of varying quality Hiltjo Posthuma2023-09-19 18:00
saaitthe most boring static page generator Hiltjo Posthuma2023-04-10 10:28
saccsacc - sacc(omys), simple console gopher client (config) Quentin Rameau2023-07-31 20:01
seturgentset urgency hints for X applications Hiltjo Posthuma2017-05-13 11:53
sfeedRSS and Atom parser Hiltjo Posthuma2023-09-20 21:20
sfeed_cursessfeed curses UI (now part of sfeed, development is in sfeed) Hiltjo Posthuma2023-02-26 13:48
sfeed_testssfeed tests and RSS and Atom files Hiltjo Posthuma2023-09-22 11:49
smusmu - simple markup (Markdown) processor (fork, fixes + features) Hiltjo Posthuma2021-05-13 15:43
sobsimple output bar Hiltjo Posthuma2019-11-22 16:00
spoonset dwm status 2020-05-03 13:36
stmy customized version of st (hiltjo branch) Hiltjo Posthuma2023-02-07 19:00
stagit-gopherstatic git page generator for gopher Hiltjo Posthuma2023-04-10 10:34
stagitstatic git page generator Hiltjo Posthuma2023-04-10 10:33
static-site-scriptsstatic site generator shellscripts Hiltjo Posthuma2016-03-09 21:01 subtitle search Hiltjo Posthuma2018-09-07 17:39
surf-adblockSurf adblock web extension Hiltjo Posthuma2017-06-06 07:49
tscrapetwitter scraper (not working anymore) Hiltjo Posthuma2021-07-20 13:20 web application in Go Hiltjo Posthuma2019-05-02 18:14
webdumpHTML to plain-text converter for webpages Hiltjo Posthuma2023-09-22 12:21
webdump_testsTestfiles for webdump Hiltjo Posthuma2023-09-21 21:03 saait content files Hiltjo Posthuma2023-05-20 09:50
xmlparserXML parser Hiltjo Posthuma2023-08-15 17:12
xscreenshotscreen capture tool Hiltjo Posthuma2020-03-03 23:49